SC-540 Pro II Printer/Cutter
SC-540 Pro II Printer/Cutter- $26,995
Using SOL INK- a unique, low-volatile solvent- the SOLJET Pro II requires no special ventilation or environmental equipment. Sign makers can breathe easy while printing signs and banners that will last up to three years outdoors. The SOLJET uses a 12-cartridge ink system fed through six one inch wide print heads with 360 nozzles per color. With this system, the machine uses a CMYK+LcLm ink collection to produce brilliant colors and real flesh tones. The ink is laid with Variable Droplet Technology, exhibiting stunning resolution and clarity and coupled with the Pro II’s increasingly fast print speed.
Roland offers a wide selection of compatible media, coated for mild solvent inks, that can produce a wide variety of prints, including banners, backlit signs, adhesive vinyl stickers and labels, paper prints, and more. Prints on this machine can run on material up to 54” wide.
The SOLJET Pro II SC-540 can automatically contour cut printed graphics without reloading or repositioning and can function as a stand-alone vinyl cutter. For laminating graphics, simply remove prints, laminate, and reload them for precision cutting. A four-point optical registration system – an industry first called Quadralign™ – automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for skew and distortion. The registration is exact- the process is amazing.
cutting sample This image is a sample of the printing and cutting capabilities of the Soljet SC-540 Pro 2. The detail of the cutting is exceptional. This is a capability that only Roland's machines have, and with such fine quality.
Printing and cutting operations can be handled simultaneously from a variety of software applications including Adobe® Illustrator, CorelDRAW®, QuarkXPress® and Pagemaker®. Roland media clamps reduce head strikes against media that curls up.
As with all Roland inkjets, the SOLJET Pro II Series offers years of reliable service, even in the most demanding shop environments. Each one is built with solid construction and enhancements for precise media control. They also feature new print head maintenance systems for unmatched mechanical reliability.

Equipped with a standard 100 BASE-TX/10 BASE-T interface, the SC-540 connects seamlessly to office networks with a data transmission rate of 1.1 Mb/sec. This makes it easy to configure a highly efficient printing environment. Parallel cable can be used for stand-alone printing.
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